N. Ireland RX Winter Series Round 1

Many motorsport events use the winter period as a time to stop racing and prepare for a next season in the spring, but the action never quits on the Rallycross calendar. Sunday saw the beginning of the Winter Series, and some fast action from drivers prepared to brave the cold winds of Bishopscourt.

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Cars and Coffee of another class

Most Sunday mornings start with a coffee so why not enjoy a hot cup whilst viewing some of the finest cars in Northern Ireland?

Its rare we wake up to a Sunny morning in the middle of Summer in Northern Ireland, so when i woke up on Sunday to find the sun splitting the trees I grabbed the car keys and headed to Lisburn Car Clubs meet at Downroyal.
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Night at Drift Raceway

The sideways life just not in your budget? WRONG! Just downside the car’s size and up the fun level. I took a trip to Drift Raceway and spent the night chilling with the RD Drift team guys.

Rc Drift cars are cool full stop, but after seeing the drift display at JCC I had to get more info. I’d sent them a quick message on coming down to hang out, grab some video and check out the cars.

I had an awesome night. Couldn’t believe that there had been a full indoor rc track just miles from my house for over a year and I’d never known. All the guys down there were super friendly and I even got a go trying to slide the drift bus!

If you interested in building a car or getting involved pop down to DR and just chat to the guys. They have huge amounts of knowledge and advice for anyone looking to build their first car, and can even help with advice on where to buy certain parts.

Its cheaper than owning your own drift missile, but it’s still fairly expensive to get involved. ÂŁ200 would get you started, but you have the opportunity to really pick your own car and make you car unique.

Hopefully I’ll be back down at the raceway, but will there be a FTTM RC drift car? who knows 🙂