Loughgall Rally 2016

I’ve always been happy to drive more than a few miles to watch any kind of motorsport, so when there’s a rally event less than 20 minutes from home it would be rude not to attend. Loughgall Rally may just seem like a spectator event, but its tight, challenging stages attract plenty of drivers every year.

IMG_5337 copy

Loughgall is an event that is cursed with bad weather year after year. This year looked to be different as drivers started the day with some dry tarmac. The mkII Escorts have dominated the circuit for years and this year would be no different. Damian Toner would be the man to beat on the day and some great driving saw him complete the day on top 22 seconds clear of Keith White.

IMG_5358 copy


IMG_5372 copy

Daniel Hamill and Brendan McCann would have a mixed day. After a hairy first stage the pair picked up momentum through the morning. A technical issue during the afternoon stages would see a time penalty take them out of the running for Class 4. IMG_5177 copy

Niall carey was a name i recognised from Ni Drift Series. Since then he’s changed the compacts set up for rallying and was ripping up the park all day with some consistent driving. Class 7 was tough and the BMW Compact found it hard to keep pace with the likes of Damian Toner and Keith White.

IMG_5367 copy

Back in class 4 Garth Neil and Keith Neil were putting down consistant times. Garth would take second place in the class managing to avoid contact on the last stage through the worsening conditions. Kevin Kelly would grab 4th in Class 4 in his Citroen Saxo loosing 45 seconds to third place runner Barry Scott.

IMG_5326 copy

IMG_5161 copy - CopyA disapointing day for Andrew McCormick and James Connolly. Their beautifully finished Vauxhall Chevette wouldn’t finish the day and the pair retired after stage 3.


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