Kilbroney Vintage Rally

IMG_5592.CR2 copy

Kilbroney is one of those shows that I’ve been looking to go to for a few years, but I’ve always been working or had something on thats prevented me from going. This year I nearly missed but managed to get the mx5 insured for a few months and hit the road.


Usually when you go to vintage shows you’ll see maybe 100, 200 cars? Kilbroney is a whole different league. It felt like the cars went on for miles and just when you spotted a car you’d never seen before you’d turn around and see three others. MIND. BLOWN.

IMG_5595.CR2 copy

Unfortunately I didn’t arrive at the show until 4pm and at this point some people were already starting to leave. I had a quick run around the show before grabbing the camera to try get some photos. It was at this point I realized I’d somehow broken my camera lens …..-_-

I’d a spare 50mm lens and made the most of the good weather and friendly people. Vintage car shows were quite alien to me before this show, but after chatting with some amazing people and hearing stories about some of the cars, I’ve a new found respect for those who work on these restoration builds.

IMG_5607.CR2 copy

Although the photos don’t reflect it, the weather was awesome for most of the day. Good weather, good company and good cars is all any true car guy needs on a Summers day.

IMG_5622.CR2 copy

Old School fords never disappoint. I fell in love with this gem that i spotted amongst the waves of MK2 Escorts and Capri’s. Retro rally stance is what we should be aiming for these days.

IMG_5597.CR2 copyWe knows a few things around here and one of the things we knows is its not how by you stand by your car ….its how you sit by your car. The Citroen 2CV isn’t everyone cup of tea, but this one has had plenty of love in it’s life.

IMG_5618.CR2 copyIMG_5621.CR2 copyIMG_5612.CR2 copy

Not many car owners take inspiration from planes, but I’m glad this one did. Don’t worry they’re not real side exit exhausts although that would be awesome.

IMG_5627.CR2 copy

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