Lurgan Park Rally 2016

There isn’t many up sides to living in Lurgan, but the park rally is definitely one of them! Lurgan Park rally has always been one of my favourite events, but would this year see Gary Jennings take his 4th win or would Kenny McKinstry add to his long list of wins!


Lurgan park rally will always be a popular event due to its great spectator spots, but increasing safety measures have taken the shine off the event over the last few years. Never the less plenty turned out throughout the day.

I hit the park bright and early to try grab some photos before heading south for IDC Global warefare and the rain was only minutes away. It wasn’t just the top few drivers that I was looking out for, but with Dan Hamill back out in the 106, we’d hoped to try get more footage and pics of his car in the park.

The first stage stayed dry letting drivers get a feel for the park. Jennings was on full attack as soon as he hit the tarmac and put a few seconds between himself and mckinstry. IMG_6331.CR2 copy

As the weather turned bad, nothing could put a stop to Jenning’s impressive form and even a small collision with a bale wasn’t enough to stop him taking first place.

IMG_6395.CR2 copy

Alan Smyth took the 1600cc class 2 win by just a few seconds from kyle white in the Citroen C2.

IMG_6256.CR2 copyClass 2 would see plenty more action. Garth Neil’s driving just keeps getting better. The young banbridge  driver grabbed 3rd in class, 40 seconds behind the leading car.


Daniel Hamill didn’t get off to the best start on his first visit to the park. An impact on stage one looked to put the Armagh driver out, but some great work by his service team got the 106 back out.

IMG_5975.CR2 copyIMG_6262.CR2 copyIMG_6488.CR2 copyClass 3 was a battle of the MK II Escorts, but John Devlin would mix up the order in his Talbot Sunbeam taking second place from Barry Morris by less than 10 seconds.

IMG_6413.CR2 copy

IMG_6384.CR2 copyIMG_6480.CR2 copyIMG_6024.CR2 copy

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