The Famous Forester is Engineous

IMG_5780.CR2 copy

Think Subaru forester and you’ll probably think of a fat middle aged woman packing shopping around 4 kids at Tesco, but Adam’s Subaru couldn’t be further from a functional family wagon. (Warning this post includes the phrase ‘JDM’ alot)

I’ve been talking about taking photos of Adams forester for at least 3 years now, but when the owner is an amazing photographer as you see on his site (Engineous) , you can see why I put if off for a while.

I finally put my self doubt aside and  tried to arrange a time to meet up and grab some pictures. Adam had done a mad shoot a few years ago in Bangor so I hit the road on what was a pretty sunny day by Northern Ireland standards.

When we arrived the car park we’d planned to use which is usually empty was packed so it was time for a plan B. The only time I’ve ever been to Bangor was for Showerks’ Easter Monday show, so with no idea on where to go we took a chance and headed to the sea front.

So back to the car…

Black on black on black always wins and the Forester has a seriously mean stance dropped on a set of genuine….YES GENUINE SSR Viennas. All the little details that you slowly start to notice more and more are what keeps this car so original.

IMG_5759.CR2 copy

A badgeless grill that would look at home on any VIP import car, blacked out headlight surrounds and hey, whats a Subaru without some STI styling. Go onto google right now and try find another Forester with this front end!


IMG_5780.CR2 copy

Everyone loves a few car stickers, but Adams has the sickest collection of JDM inspired stickers accross his rear windows adding to the originality of the cars’ styling.


Its the perfect mix between Function and Form. Having a daily thats show quality car is awesome but this car gets use for Dog transport too!

IMG_5787.CR2 copy

As a car I’ve always viewed from a distance at shows but it was awesome to get time to just look at it up close and  just chill with the Adam and Bronagh for a bit 🙂  Also picked up one of their Engineous hoodys and some stickers for the civic project you can check out their facebook page and web page below





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