Is this real life? JJC Car Show 2016


As someone who loves all things Japanese when it comes to cars its safe to say the North of Ireland’s been fairly scarce on head turning show cars….or  so i thought until garages and locked sheds opened across the country and some of the coolest Japanese car builds surfaced for the best Jap show in the North!


The Japanese scene hit a slight dry spell for a few years with many preferring to hit the stance aspect of car culture for a while, but its making a huge comeback and this show helped to showcase that.

When I heard this event was being organized a few months back I was hugely skeptical that it wouldn’t get much support. I couldn’t have been more wrong, and when I saw it build a huge momentum online I knew it was going to be great.


The mix of cars was outstanding! No matter what Japanese car brand you prefer, motorsport you follow or styling you prefer there was something for everyone.


Andy Burrows’ super clean ej9 was flying the stance flag and getting plenty of looks. The usdm styling has been popular for a few years and it’s executed beautifully.

IMG_6692.CR2 copy.jpg

The show was backed by many businesses but Drift Wizards stand was getting plenty of attention. They’ve imported some of the best Japanese cars in Ireland, and Alan’s Skyline drift car is the perfect promo. Its not just a promo vehicle, but has had plenty of track time too.


Cable ties save bumpers! When your daily driver is a slammed drift weapon, you may catch a few speed bumps. Loved the stiched front end on this Chaser, proving you dont need perfect paint to have an awesome car.

img_6709-cr2-copyLook familier? We couldn’t attend the show without grabbing another shot of Adam’s forester that we featured a few weeks ago 🙂

IMG_6831.CR2.jpgJapanese cars don’t get much more popular than the Honda civic and with so many out there it’s hard to stay original. This supercharged ep3 is stunning! Mugen add ons, drip it in carbon fibre, add a custom paint and masses of power? Best ep3 in Ireland is what you get.

img_6784-cr2The cars spilled out of the exibition centre and into their outdoor show area. There was plenty of cool and unique cars outside, but this Jazz really caught my eye. Matt black with teal wheels looks great.


Overall the show was a massive success. It was well supported by cars, clubs and of course the Japanese car fans. With such a great start to the first JCC show how will they top it next year?

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