Rallycross Revival Series Round 4

IMG_6958.CR2 copy

Rallycross is on its way back and as popularity in the sport grows so does the support for  the Ni Rallycross Revival Series.

When it comes to fun for your cash, the new revival series has to be top of the list right now. Buy a car, cage it, throw a seat and a harness in, boom your racing!  I’ve been attempting to get a car entered for what feels like an eternity, so took a trip down to round 4 to grab some pics and get motivated to finish the build.

IMG_6862.CR2 copy

For the first time in about 100 years it was both warm and sunny at Bishopscourt and was set to be a great days racing. For a racing league thats only been going for around a year it has generated some great support and the amount of entries was pretty high!

There were plenty of civics to catch my eye, but I was impressed by the amount of other crazy builds that were racing on the day too.Cars are split into classes and then run a series of heats. Each heat earns points so your overall position in your class can change all day long keeping each race just as exciting as the last.


I knew rallycross was an agressive sport, but those racing on sunday were all out to win and no one was afraid of a little bit of contact. The action came thick and fast with a few cars ending up on 2 wheels for parts of certain races.

IMG_6950.CR2 copy

The Sloan motorsport KA looks fairly stock, but its running a mad 2.0 Mondeo engine set up. Fat wheels, camber cage this is a bad ass car that — isnt exactly afraid of! Who said racing was a mans world

IMG_6992.CR2 copy

Chris Rooney’s Civic was running great for most of the day. He had a little bit of trouble on his second heat loosing a bolt from the car’s gear linkage. We robbed a bolt off the mx5 and got his car back out and he went onto win his class.

IMG_6878.CR2 copy

The 1400cc class was packed out with some mad civics. I’d major love for this zero f**ks hatch. Inside is completely stripped too!

IMG_6858.CR2 copy

No roof? No problem 🙂

This was a great event ran really well by all involved. Can’t wait to get involved

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