Speed weekend 2016, Monday morning

I start most monday mornings like every other normal person, watching my own tears drip into a crap cup of instant coffee whilst wishing the weekend had gone a little bit slower. Not this week! I’d been blessed with a day off and in a ferris buler fashion wanted to make the most of it.


Speed weekend is a pretty new show, but with a promise of Supercars, sprints and sideways action it was worth a drive to the Eikon centre. With plenty on I turned up early and NI AMA Drift Series already had their action well underway.



The track that was set up might not have been the biggest layout, but its size level’d the playing field and saw cars with little power going door to door with a few of the higher powered cars.

IMG_7367.CR2 copy.jpg

I’ve seen some really stand out drift cars over the past few years, but none caught my eye like this purple Omega! Its not exactly a traditional drift build, but it definitely has it’s own style.


Sprint events have been popular in Ireland for an age, but has never really had an event like this to showcase the sport and try and bring in new younger drivers who can carry on the competition.


There was a real mix of cars from saxos to full on competition ready racers. The track surrounded the main arena area as well as a long face section that ran closer to the old maze prison site.


This Historic BMW was turning heads most of the day. The bright colour scheme and historic detailing making it a stand out car.


Everyone loves a mini, so why not love a mini that has a pretty big turbo shoe horned in behind the front bumper? This car was pulling hard on the track and what’s not to love about the Martini rally style decals.


People always tell you to be yourself and you should… unless you can be this guy! Just rolled up to the track with a killer trailer, hiding this proper purpose built racer inside.


Super cars have never appealed to me at other shows, but the show had a great mix of exotic ‘super cars’ as well as some cars that were a tad down my street.  Looking at super cars is cool i guess, but riding in them …thats another story. The owners were giving passenger rides for £10 and if you thought they’d be cruising around in these machines you couldn’t be more wrong! There wasn’t a car that came back from a run that didnt have a trembling passenger emerging from it.


You want a fancy two seater that everyone will be able to notice you in? No problem how does an orange Porsche Caymen grab you?


If thats not your thing maybe you’d prefer to take a trip to 90’s Japan and the Touge roads in an amazing R32 Nissan skyline


Luxury American cruisers more your style? BOOM Lexus luxury with heart racing speed thrown in for the fun of it.


These are all good choices, but none of them caught my eye in the way that this rally prepped Toyota GT86 did. This amazing RWD R3 Rally car has competed in British and Irish event’s this year, and I’ve no shame in saying that i queued with all the 10 year olds so that I could get a run in it.


Easy to say this had been one of my better Mondays. Will definitely be back at Speed weekend next year. Big shows like these can always be touch and go, but some good organisation made it worth the £13 entry.


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