Cars and Coffee of another class

Most Sunday mornings start with a coffee so why not enjoy a hot cup whilst viewing some of the finest cars in Northern Ireland?

Its rare we wake up to a Sunny morning in the middle of Summer in Northern Ireland, so when i woke up on Sunday to find the sun splitting the trees I grabbed the car keys and headed to Lisburn Car Clubs meet at Downroyal.


Downroyal was the perfect backdrop for one of the countries finest car meets I’ve attended this year. A great mix of Vintage, race cars and even the odd super meant your attention was constantly being grabbed by another amazing car.


Homage to Honda. You can’t call yourself a Honda guy or even a true car fan if you cant appreciate a Honda NSX. Even now the low down streamlined lines look stunning. Fawless looks never age.



img_8129-copyThere were a few mk1 escorts at the meet as you can see, but this one really caught my eye. The historic Rally style liveries finish it off perfectly. At home on any Irish back road

_mg_8161-copyYep that really is a Mclaren! Not to state the obvious but this car was pulling crowds all morning long. Wrapped bright orange you’re not going to loose it in the carpark at tesco.


Cars don’t come much cooler than Graham’s Slammed Jag. Not just looks its been fully restored inside and out as well as being bagged. The coolest cruiser you’ll ever see.

_mg_8142-copyIt was a really well organised event that I’ll be keeping an eye out for in the future. A big thank you to all those involved in organising the event.

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