McLaren 570S now even racier

The Mclaren 570 is without a doubt a fast car, but does their new track pack option turn this from a weekend track day car into a full blown race car?

The race pack doesn’t offer any power increase or new figures on top speeds or 0-60mph times, but there are some benefits.

They’ve managed to save off 25kg from the interior weight, ditching all the leather for Alcantara. The seats have been replaced with carbon fibre buckets that help really give that track car feel and look inside.

There’s no new rear diffuser or new aerodynamic bumpers all they’ve added is an additional 12mm to the spoiler height…. 12mm is about the width of a penny, but this tiny alteration has added 25kg of downforce at 150mph.

If a new seat and a marginally bigger wing haven’t swung the deal for you maybe the addition of mclarens own telemetry system will buy you over. It’s the same computer system seen in the McLaren P1 and it offers a multitude of track features including lap timing, lap split times and post driving analysis.

So how much extra is the track pack? A very modest £16,500. For the target market these packs will sell hand over first, but makes you wonder home much money can car companies really make by just adding a bucket seat and a fancy lap timer

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