The secret life of a project car

Another cold Northern Irish night, turned into another garage tour this week as I checked in on Armand’s Glanza build and of course there had to be a Honda involved. When we opened the garage doors it was what hid behind the civic I was more interested,

I’ve been hearing about Armand’s Glanza build for a few years now and vowed that when it was done we’d do a proper feature on it. That was 2 years ago and since then he’s been teasing me with pictures of it like a slut sending nip slip pics.

Enough was enough and after a night of RC drifting and sh*t talk, he said it was time I got a look at the project and there were no hesitations in organising a trip out to the unit.


He’s owned the car for 8 years and its seen a few different engines and a few different drivers before finally being tucked away and pulled apart

The 1.3 stock engine was fully rebuilt before the massive WEPR Godzilla external manifold kit was bolted on. He’s opted for a CT9 Hybrid turbo and of course the usual Glanza half civic rad and intercooler relocation.

_MG_9370 copy.jpg


The parts porn doesn’t end in the engine bay. The cars got a full Blitz Nur Spec system and Blitz  Access ECU. Theres lots of other small details that make this a great build like the clear cam cover, all the custom made braided pipes and of course the wash of engine bay tidies.

_MG_9411 copy.jpg

No ‘Genuine Rotas’ here. Wedssport tc05’s keeping that JDM 90’s look. Fully refurbed of course.

_MG_9438 copy.jpg


Inside he’s built the car the way he wants. OMP Wheel and Bride Brix bucket seat should have been a from factory option on the Glanza._MG_9358 copy.jpg_MG_9382 copy.jpg

The car is so close to being finished. Apart from a few bits of intercooler piping and the driveshafts the car could be back on the road, but theres still plenty of extras in the pipeline. The cars still to get a full respray and some other goodies before Armand will be content with whats turning into his show car queen.

Good things come to those who wait, and even though he’s still working on getting this engine set up he has another engine sitting on standby. Of course theres plans for it in the pipe work that he backed up after flashing some new forged internal parts 😮

_MG_9406 copy.jpg

So the civic….
Well that was what I kept asking, but Armands fully focused on getting the Glanza finished before starting on the Type R, but the words Time Trail were used. Its a surprisingly clean Type R too, so hopefully it won’t be tucked away for too long.


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