Whats this all about then?

FTTM  – Flat to the mat, was a blog set I up in 2011 to share motoring photos and post about automotive events visited within Ireland and the UK. The blog promotes anything car or racing related, aiming to try and grow the community in Northern Ireland.

In 2013 I dropped the blog for a while to concentrate on work and other projects I had on at the time. The blog is back, but its alot more personal that before. Simple layout, honest content and sketchy videos filmed out and about.


The shop

I do have a small store currently being stocked with aftermarket parts and accessories. Alot of the products are Honda related at present, but as someone who is trying to build a small business without any major funding the progress will be small to start. The aim is to provide race quality parts for all budgets without compromising on quality. All parts come from genuine companies we have researched to make sure your not being sold overpriced China fakes.