Cars and Coffee of another class

Most Sunday mornings start with a coffee so why not enjoy a hot cup whilst viewing some of the finest cars in Northern Ireland?

Its rare we wake up to a Sunny morning in the middle of Summer in Northern Ireland, so when i woke up on Sunday to find the sun splitting the trees I grabbed the car keys and headed to Lisburn Car Clubs meet at Downroyal.
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Is this real life? JJC Car Show 2016


As someone who loves all things Japanese when it comes to cars its safe to say the North of Ireland’s been fairly scarce on head turning show cars….or  so i thought until garages and locked sheds opened across the country and some of the coolest Japanese car builds surfaced for the best Jap show in the North!


The Japanese scene hit a slight dry spell for a few years with many preferring to hit the stance aspect of car culture for a while, but its making a huge comeback and this show helped to showcase that.

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FTTM Vlog Episode 1

Wanted to try something different so I’ve done a video showing some of the events I’ve been to in April 🙂 Its all filmed with a go pro so excuse the quality

With the Circuit of Ireland, Dubshed and IDC Round 1 all on in April I thought I’d put the go pro to use and try to film some of the shows. Its all pretty awful stuff, but yeah, a quick almost behind the scenes video.