Night at Drift Raceway

The sideways life just not in your budget? WRONG! Just downside the car’s size and up the fun level. I took a trip to Drift Raceway and spent the night chilling with the RD Drift team guys.

Rc Drift cars are cool full stop, but after seeing the drift display at JCC I had to get more info. I’d sent them a quick message on coming down to hang out, grab some video and check out the cars.

I had an awesome night. Couldn’t believe that there had been a full indoor rc track just miles from my house for over a year and I’d never known. All the guys down there were super friendly and I even got a go trying to slide the drift bus!

If you interested in building a car or getting involved pop down to DR and just chat to the guys. They have huge amounts of knowledge and advice for anyone looking to build their first car, and can even help with advice on where to buy certain parts.

Its cheaper than owning your own drift missile, but it’s still fairly expensive to get involved. ÂŁ200 would get you started, but you have the opportunity to really pick your own car and make you car unique.

Hopefully I’ll be back down at the raceway, but will there be a FTTM RC drift car? who knows 🙂

Is this real life? JJC Car Show 2016


As someone who loves all things Japanese when it comes to cars its safe to say the North of Ireland’s been fairly scarce on head turning show cars….or  so i thought until garages and locked sheds opened across the country and some of the coolest Japanese car builds surfaced for the best Jap show in the North!


The Japanese scene hit a slight dry spell for a few years with many preferring to hit the stance aspect of car culture for a while, but its making a huge comeback and this show helped to showcase that.

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Rallycross Revival Series Round 4

IMG_6958.CR2 copy

Rallycross is on its way back and as popularity in the sport grows so does the support for  the Ni Rallycross Revival Series.

When it comes to fun for your cash, the new revival series has to be top of the list right now. Buy a car, cage it, throw a seat and a harness in, boom your racing!  I’ve been attempting to get a car entered for what feels like an eternity, so took a trip down to round 4 to grab some pics and get motivated to finish the build.

IMG_6862.CR2 copy

For the first time in about 100 years it was both warm and sunny at Bishopscourt and was set to be a great days racing. For a racing league thats only been going for around a year it has generated some great support and the amount of entries was pretty high!

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Lurgan Park Rally 2016

There isn’t many up sides to living in Lurgan, but the park rally is definitely one of them! Lurgan Park rally has always been one of my favourite events, but would this year see Gary Jennings take his 4th win or would Kenny McKinstry add to his long list of wins!


Lurgan park rally will always be a popular event due to its great spectator spots, but increasing safety measures have taken the shine off the event over the last few years. Never the less plenty turned out throughout the day.

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